Marketplace to sell and buy premium second hand.

I built a complete online software that is a marketplace for people to buy and sell premium second-hand goods. The second-hand business in Sweden doesn't have a proper online platform for the finer things in life. The current second-hand shops only sells low-end products. This platform is for people that wants to buy and sell high-end products, like an Eames Lounge Chair, Louis Vuitton backpack, or Acne jeans, etc.


UI/UX Design

Art Direction

Creative Direction

Live prototype



Full UX experience.

I planned how to post a job, how to maintain your ads through a simple and easy to comprehend dashboard. Posting a job should go fast, be easy to understand and give the user the feeling that they're continously completing minor tasks to give the feeling of success for each step they complete. This increases conversion.

A calm colour range.

I didn't want a screaming neon green. I was thinking of going all black or perhaps dark purple as it fits in with a luxury feeling, but these are well-used in this group, so I wanted to find a balance of colours that didn't take too much attention from the products themselves, nor be to overly used so that this product could find it's own branding in marketing.

With focus on products.

Since it's a marketplace with products of the higher range, I wanted to promote imagery on the website, since the products themselves would have nice imagery and hence be both beautiful designed and good for marketing.

A flexible user interface library.

I built a user interface library to make it easy to build new pages and features. With a comprehensive and coherent UI library, it's easy to evolve the product in a fast and efficient manner.

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