At Tink, I've been the sole designer on their offer to business partners, specifically the dashboard where customers would sign up and start building a product based on Tink's API.

What is Tink

Tink is a fintech company in Sweden. Tink aggregate data from banks across the world. This means they reverse-engineer banks to be able to access all the financial data the bank has on its customer. For example, with Tink's app, you could fill in your bank information and we would fetch all the data there's about you; from mortgages to investment accounts — from any and all banks.

This has a massive interest from other fintech companies and banks. Banks would i.e. use Tink's service to allow their customers to access all their accounts inside one app (so the customer wouldn't have to download multiple apps, but rather stay in only one).

It also allows companies to let customers fill in their information, and through Tink's API, they could fetch their mortgages. With the result, they could show if they can match it, or even make a better offer.

The potential of Tink's open API is huge in the fintech industry. That's why Tink grew from a startup when I joined to a 300+ employee company across the world, with multi-million dollar investments from the likes of PayPal.

A glimpse of the dashboard

Building a dashboard

Now, all these banks and fintech startups would need a website to access Tink's API. A dashboard to configure and get metrics.

That's what I built on my own at Tink. There's a lot of things to configure to get started with Tink. You'll also need to let your developers access the API's documentation; an index of all the code and the references of what each line of code meant. So I designed a Developer Portal at Tink. It's sort of a hub for developers to get access to all the necessary information to build with Tink. This is all sorts of things: an API Reference, tables that shows which banks Tink is connected to, a changelog to easily see what Tink updated with the API and when, a live demo of our product, a place for guides and tutorials, and much more.

The developer portal

Designing for everyone

Building a new financial product can be difficult and take a lot of time. And a lot of Tink's customers were small to medium banks that couldn't spend months building user interfaces to allow their end customers to use their service. So we built one for them. Sort of an app, that they could use as their own. We called it Tink Link.

Connecting to a bank or financial service can be complex, so the UI and UX had to be super optimized to make it as easy and fast as possible. It was successfully received by our customers such as PayPal who used our pre-built solution.

Tink Link in action

Shaping the new landscape for fintech

I designed, planned and was part of building the console for Tink: a place to build the next big thing in fintech.

Dark Mode for Sweden's most popular app

I designed the dark mode for the personal finance management app, Tink, and explain the benefits of a dark mode.

A blog, newsletter and home for hip hop

Running and creating a newsletter and delivering something to the readers week in, week out takes some time and effort. And insights.

Building an analytics tool from scratch

We needed an analytics tool so that our customers could see their usage. Here's my breakdown of how it got built.

Summary of what I've done at Tink

I've built dashboard, mobile apps and interfaces and designed a product foundation for the company who went from small to being worth 4B SEK.

3+ years at a product company in London

Difficult to summarize 3 years as a lone designer at a product company in London, but we built a lot, and it turned out great.

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